Tell your Congressional rep: Fund research and technical assistance for climate-friendly farming!

Posted on Wednesday, April 20th, 2022 by Becca Lucas

Take Action for the Climate: Call your Congressional Rep!

Congress is currently writing a new spending bill, creating an opportunity to speak out in support of funding for programs that support climate-friendly farming. We are joining the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition in a call to action to urge members of Congress to support these two top priority programs:

Can you call your representatives today? It’s easy to do, and just takes a few minutes.
Here is where you can look up their contact information:

Ask to speak with their agriculture aide, and share a message (or leave a voicemail) like this:

  • I am a [farmer/rancher/concerned about the environment/friend of farmers, whoever you are!] in [YOUR TOWN/STATE]
  • I’m calling to ask [YOUR MEMBER OF CONGRESS] to increase funding in the 2023 appropriations bill for the Grazing Lands Conservation Initiative (GLCI) and the Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) program.
  • We are asking for $30 million in funding for the Grazing Lands Conservation Initiative to help more farmers get their animals onto pasture which has enormous benefits for the environment and helps make farmers more economically sustainable. This investment will complement full funding of $60 million for the Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) program, the only farmer-led agriculture research program, another critical tool in helping farmers address climate change.
  • Say thanks!

No answer? Leave a voicemail! Many Congressional offices are staffed remotely right now. You can also send a quick email by clicking here.

A quick call (or email) to your members of Congress TODAY will help farmers, ranchers, and rural communities collaboratively utilize innovative grazing practices that build soil health. In addition to its ability to sequester carbon, healthy soil leads to healthy grasses, and improved water infiltration – which can even reduce flood damage to tax-funded infrastructure. Additionally, grazing operations economically benefit farmers and local food systems as farmers are reporting decreased costs associated with the feeding and veterinary care of animals.

Right now, there is a call for proposals open until May 19th for a Research and Education SARE grant, going to teams of researchers and producers to conduct both research and education on a sustainable agriculture topic. Outreach activities may include on-farm/ranch demonstrations, farmer-to-farmer educational activities, and other approaches to assist producer adoption of sustainable agricultural practices. This is an example of the kinds of programs that your call will help maintain!

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