California’s Climate Smart Agriculture Technical Assistance Program funds technical assistance (TA) providers to support farmers and ranchers in applying for and implementing Climate Smart Agriculture Program projects.

In September of 2018, Governor Jerry Brown signed Assembly Bill 2377, a CalCAN-sponsored bill authored by Assemblymember Jacqui Irwin and supported by 36 organizations in our network. AB 2377 came about in direct response to the feedback of farmers, ranchers, and folks working with them on the ground who said that in order to scale up the impact of the Climate Smart Agriculture programs, farmers and ranchers needed multiyear comprehensive technical assistance, including outreach, education, and assistance with project design, the application process, implementation, and reporting.

Program Summary

Year launched: 2019
Budget for FY 2018-19: At least 5% of the budgets for HSP, AMMP and SWEEP
Grants awarded to date: $2.1 million
Total projects funded: 33
Status of grant rounds: One round completed

Read more about the first round of grant funding here.

Read more about the Technical Assistance program on CDFA’s website.

Climate Smart Agriculture Technical Assistance Program History

AB 2377 requires that a minimum of 5% of the budgets of the HSP, AMMP and SWEEP programs be used to provide comprehensive technical assistance. The bill also prioritizes technical assistance for small and midsized farms, and requires 25% of the technical assistance funds be used to support historically underserved farmers.

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