Senate Passes Farm Bill, No Action on Climate Change

Posted on Friday, June 14th, 2013 by Jeanne Merrill
One of the CA members of NSAC: Agricultural & Land-Based Training Program (ALBA) uses farm bill funding to support its innovative farm incubator programs.

This week, the Senate passed its version of the farm bill on a vote of 66 – 27 with attention now turning to the House.  Few amendments to the bill were included in the final package, leaving behind a number of the sustainable agriculture amendments supported by the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition and its members, including CalCAN.  Among those not taken up were amendments relating to climate change and agriculture.  We were disheartened the Senate passed on opportunities to support grower efforts to address climate change.

For a breakdown on the ins-and-outs of the bill and next steps, please see the NSAC blog here.

Stay tuned for opportunities weigh in on the farm bill with California House delegates.

Why care about the farm bill?  It’s our national food and farm policy and it sets the stage for a whole host of on-the-ground resources in California that support agricultural conservation, organic farming, farmers markets, community supported agriculture and more!  But without your voice, large corporate interests will dominate the debate.  Click here for more on how you can get involved.



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