Reflecting and Looking Forward

Posted on Thursday, December 9th, 2021 by Renata Brillinger

The long nights of the winter solstice season and the cold, wet weather feel to me like an invitation from nature to slow down and take stock. At CalCAN, it is the time we step back from the rush of the legislative cycle, learn from the year’s successes and setbacks, and set goals for the new year. As you reflect on what is important to you, I hope you consider a donation to CalCAN.

This year, in the face of California’s historic wildfires and deepening drought fueled by the climate crisis, it was more clear to me than ever what high stakes we face. The conversations I have with people in the field (sometimes very literally in the field) give me a visceral understanding of the profound implications of climate change for the farmers and farmworkers who grow our food, as well as a deep appreciation of their ability to innovate and adapt.

At CalCAN, we believe that significant public investments are needed for incentives, research and technical assistance that safeguard our food supply while scaling up the powerful climate strategies available on California’s farms and ranches. This is why we formed as a coalition of organic and sustainable agriculture organizations in 2009—to advocate for policies and programs that support farmers and ranchers who transition to climate-friendly practices, keep family farmers on the land, and improve conditions for farmworkers and their families and for agricultural communities.


Your gift will support us in the coming year with several exciting initiatives:

  • We will continue to work in a multi-sector coalition to secure state funding for sustainable and climate-smart farming technologies, energy-efficient and permanent farmworker housing, healthy school food and senior nutrition programs, and much more.
  • We will ensure that farmers and ranchers have access to resources to mitigate catastrophic wildfire by using managed grazing and prescribed burning that reduce fire fuel loads.
  • We will double down on efforts to make it easier for limited-resource and small farmers to get grants through California’s Healthy Soils Program.
  • We will share the lessons learned in California and support campaigns to win healthy soils policies in other states and nationally, and collaborate on mobilizing for the 2023 Farm Bill which will center climate change.



The work we do is only possible because of the contributions of time, expertise and donations from you and others in our ever-expanding network of advisors, fellow advocates and donors, and we are so grateful for your contributions. Thank you for following CalCAN’s work, engaging when you can, and for considering this request.

Wishing you and your loved ones good health and peace in the year ahead,

Renata Brillinger

CalCAN Executive Director







CalCAN’s Vision
California’s agriculture system is biologically diverse, resilient to climate shocks, and is a net carbon sink rather than a carbon source. Sustainable and organic farming and ranching practices rooted in ecological principles are widespread, readily accessible to all farmers, and supported by a robust network of technical advisors and researchers. The people who grow our food have safe working conditions, and their communities have clean water and air, access to healthy food, and thriving rural economies. To ensure our food security, abundant productive agricultural land is permanently protected, and new farmers have access to the land, capital and skills they need to be successful.

Your gift will help make this vision a reality!

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