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July 2020

  • Regenerative Ag & Climate Change
  • Taking Action
  • CDFA Now Accepting New Practices
  • Benefits of Reduced Tillage
  • Federal Climate & Ag Policy Updates
  • COVID-19 Resources for Farmers
  • Climate Leader Profile: Mitchell Farms
  • Featured Science & Reports: Farms Under Threat & COVID Economic Impacts
  • Organic Advocacy Toolkit
  • Call for Proposals
  • Develop a Carbon Farm Plan
  • Funding
  • Virtual Events
  • Jobs

June 2020

  • In Solidarity
  • Climate Smart Ag Program Funding Jeopardized
  • Demand Surged for Healthy Soils Program
  • Cap-and-Trade Auction Results
  • Resilience Investments for Recovery
  • COVID-19, Climate, Changes
  • COVID-19 Resources for Farmers
  • Climate Leader Profile: Alexandre Family Farm
  • Featured Science & Reports: Extreme Weather & Whole Orchard Recycling Benefits
  • Sustainability Leaders
  • Funding
  • Virtual Events
  • Jobs

May 2020

  • Record Healthy Soils Program round
  • Compost win for farmers!
  • COVID-19 resources & adaptation
  • Agriculture Training Opportunities
  • Phase out plastics, fund healthy soils
  • Climate Leader Profile: Monkeyflower Ranch
  • Featured Science & Reports: diversified farms buffer climate impacts
  • Organic ag & climate change toolkit
  • Funding
  • UCSC agroecology major
  • Jobs

April 2020 

  • COVID, the California Legislature and climate policy
  • COVID farmer resources
  • Climate Smart Ag program application deadlines extended
  • Healthy Soils funding available
  • Partner Profile: Young Farmers
  • Featured Science & Reports: Achieving California carbon neutrality
  • Farmer relief in pandemic aid
  • Call for peer reviewers for USDA competitive grants

March 2020

  • Resilience & adaptability: a message from the CalCAN team
  • 2020 Healthy soils funding open
  • Farmland conservation funding open
  • 2019 SWEEP awards announced
  • CalCAN endorses Federal Agriculture Resilience Act
  • Diverse coalition calls for more Climate Smart Agriculture funding
  • Climate Leader Profile: Bolthouse Farms
  • CalCAN in the Field: Small Farms Conference 2020
  • Featured Science & Reports: CSP analysis & Wildfire and smoke concerns in agriculture
  • New innovative agriculture podcast
  • CCOF’s roadmap to an organic California
  • Survey for organic/transitioning to organic farmers & ranchers

February 2020

  • Climate Smart Ag 2020 Funding
  • Farmer and Rancher Action Alert!–sign on to budget letter
  • Ag Resilience Bond sails through state Assembly
  • CalCAN’s New Intern
  • On-Farm Compost Work Group
  • BearCorps
  • Climate Leader Profile: San Diego Resource Conservation District (RCD)
  • CalCAN in the Field: EcoFarm 2020
  • Featured Science & Reports: California’s Pathway to Neutrality & Carbon Markets

January 2020

  • Governor’s Budget Release
  • Improved Healthy Soils Program Application, open soon
  • State Protects Ag Land
  • Calling farmers for climate action
  • A “Clean Future” would invest in rural communities
  • Climate Leader Profile: Cardoza Ranches
  • CalCAN in the Field: How do we farm in a “New Normal”?
  • Featured Science & Reports: Climate change further risks farmworker health & a resilient future in Canada

November 2019

  • New Climate Smart Ag Technical Assistance Grants Announced
  • Catalyzing Climate Leadership in Farmers of Color in Fresno
  • Working Together to Solve the Climate Crisis
  • Preserving Coyote Valley: San Jose’s Last Great Landscape
  • Healthy Soils Comment Letter
  • Moving American Agriculture to “Net Zero”
  • Sign-on to Support Agriculture’s Climate Solutions
  • CalCAN’s New Team Member
  • CalCAN’s Policy Internship
  • Wildfire Recovery Resources
  • Pepperwood Preserve

October 2019

  • Funding for SWEEP
  • Wildfire Smoke Protection
  • Farmer Climate Leader Stories
  • Action Alert! Calling Farmers and Ranchers

September 2019

  • Legislative Update
  • Action Alert! Calling Farmers and Ranchers
  • AMMP Awards Announced
  • Compost Key to Sequestering Carbon
  • CSU Chico Journal of Regenerative Ag
  • CDFA Farmer Resource Portal

August 2019

  • Farmer Speaks About Climate Change in the New York Times
  • CDFA Accepting Applications for Technical Assistance Grants
  • Climate Smart Agriculture in the Monterey Bay Area
  • Alternative Manure Management: Partner Profile
  • New Training Program for Beginning Farmers
  • CDFA Hosts Listening Session

July 2019

  • Climate Adaptation Tools Bill Sails Through Senate Policy Committees
  • Farmer Demand for WaterSmart Program Remains High, Despite Funding Cut
  • Will Indigo Ag’s Private Carbon Market Pay Off for Farmers?
  • Bonterra Study Shows Potential of Organic Farming For Climate Health
  • Cover Crops – Good for Crop Yields, Soil Health and Bottom Lines
  • Sustainable Agriculture: Offering Climate and Health Benefits
  • SAGE Releases Food Futures Roadmap
  • $2 Million Available to Ramp Up Farm Stress Response

June 2019

  • CA Falls Short on Climate Smart Agriculture Investments
  • CalCAN Bills Advance
  • New Healthy Soils Awards
  • CDFA Seeks Comments on Technical Assistance
  • New UC Climate Smart Ag Team Shows Results
  • CalCAN’s NY Times Letter to the Editor
  • Interview with CalCAN Advisor Cynthia Daley
  • Ag Census: CA Takeaways
  • Opportunities for Sustainable Ag in Federal Focus on Climate
  • Research Study: Farmworker Nutrition
  • Leopold Conservation Award Nominations Open
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