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September 2022

  • CalCAN Summit 2022
  • CalCAN is Hiring!
  • Budget Wins
  • Bill Requires First-Ever Climate Target for Agriculture & Working Lands
  • Other Bill Victories
  • Record State Investment to Help Farmers Transition to Organic
  • Farmer Spotlight: Third-generation strawberry farmers, Gwen and Rod Koda
  • Jobs
  • Funding
  • Events

August 2022

  • CalCAN Summit 2022
  • CDFA Accepting Applications for Conservation Agriculture Planning Grants Program (CAPGP)
  • The “Safe to Fail” Approach to New Practices
  • Farmer Spotlight: Michael Leicht
  • Jobs
  • Funding
  • Events

July 2022

  • CalCAN Summit 2022
  • CA Invests in Climate Smart Agriculture, Organic Transition, Farmworker Housing, and More
  • Record Number of Healthy Soils Projects Funded in CA
  • CARB’s Scoping Plan Should Reflect the Full Potential of Agriculture in Addressing Climate Change
  • Why We Can’t Build a Fire-Resilient Future Without Worker Justice
  • All Hooves on Deck
  • Farmer Spotlight: Larry Kandarian
  • Podcast: Everything Old is New Again, Exploring Indigenous and Traditional Agriculture Methods
  • State Funding for Organic Production Technical Assistance
  • Farm Bill Listening Sessions
  • Jobs
  • Funding
  • Events

June 2022

  • Transitions at CalCAN
  • Can Small Farmers Survive SGMA?
  • Federal Climate & Agriculture Legislation Roundup
  • Share your Farm Bill Priorities
  • Climate Change and the Future of Agriculture
  • What’s the Latest in California’s Organic Marketplace?
  • 2022 California Organic Research Agenda
  • Healthy Soils Program Selected Projects
  • Be Counted in the 2022 Ag. Census
  • Soil Life
  • California On-Farm Habitat Survey
  • Jobs
  • Funding
  • Events

May 2022

  • Take Action Today!
  • Introducing Alexa, our new Operations Associate
  • CalCAN is Hiring a Policy Director
  • Can Small Farmers Survive SGMA?
  • CDFA’s Science Panel Discusses Agriculture
  • Featured Science & Reports Highlight Barriers and Opportunities for Organic Farming
  • Farmer Climate Leader: JW Farms
  • Jobs
  • Funding
  • Events

April 2022

  • CalCAN’s Strategic Framework
  • CalCAN is Hiring a Policy Director!
  • In the Field at Burroughs Family Farms
  • Major Federal Funding for Sustainable Agriculture
  • Featured Science & Reports: Guide to Regenerative Grazing Leases
  • Farmer Climate Leader: JSM Organics
  • Jobs
  • Funding
  • Events

March 2022

  • CalCAN is Hiring!
  • Meet Our New National Healthy Soils Policy Network Coordinator
  • AMMP Open for Application
  • Learn more about the SALC Program
  • Farmer Climate Leader: Tablas Creek
  • Disaster Preparedness on the Farm
  • Jobs
  • Funding
  • Events

February 2022

  • Extra Water Not Needed for Cover Crops
  • New SWEEP Desert Region Pilot Program Accepting Public Comments
  • CalCAN Advisors Land Federal Grants
  • Small Farms Conference Returns
  • Virtual Workshop Series
  • Take the National Young Farmers Survey
  • Nominate a Farmer Leader
  • Science & Technology Policy Fellowship
  • New Partnership for Climate-Smart Commodities
  • Featured Science, Reports & Tools: New Working Lands Report & Funding Search Tool
  • A Food Hub for Fresno?
  • CalCAN in the News
  • Jobs
  • Funding
  • Events

January 2022

  • CA Governor Proposed Budget
  • We’re Hiring Two Coordinator Positions
  • CalCAN Advisor Conversation Series Continues
  • Catching up with CalCAN Interns
  • Public Comment Open for 30×30
  • 2021 Wins & Reflections for Sustainable Agriculture
  • Farmer Climate Leaders: Live Earth Farm
  • Featured Science & Reports: Is There a Sweet Spot? & Prescribed Fire for Carbon Storage
  • CalCAN Coalition Members Receive Grant Awards
  • GrizzlyCorps Seeks Partner Sites
  • Special Opportunity for Farmers
  • Jobs
  • Funding
  • Virtual Events

December 2021

  • Can you donate to CalCAN this year?
  • AMMP Funding Coming Early 2022
  • Meet our CalCAN Advisors
  • Farmer Climate Leaders: Julie & Joe Morris
  • Farmers Build Wildfire Resilience
  • Land Advocacy Fellowship
  • Climate Smart Ag Funding
  • Events
  • Funding
  • Jobs

November 2021

  • Record Climate Smart Ag Program Funding: Now Open for Applications
  • SWEEP Open for Applications
  • CalCAN in the Field: San Joaquin Valley Agriculture & Climate Change
  • New Water Efficiency Technical Assistance Program
  • Regional Farmer Gathering for Santa Barbara and Ventura Region
  • Agricultural Wildfire Webinar Series Recordings
  • Farmer Climate Leaders: Leonard Loewen Farm
  • Certified CA Burn Boss Training
  • Special Opportunities for Young & Beginning Farmers
  • Climate Smart Ag Funding
  • Funding
  • Jobs
  • Events
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