Governor Newsom Announces Plan for Advancing Agricultural Climate Solutions

Posted on Wednesday, October 7th, 2020 by Jeanne Merrill
Geese flying off a rice field in Sacramento Valley, California. Photo Credit: USDA NRCS

California’s farms, forests, wetlands, and urban green spaces are part of our beauty but also the source of our freshwater, clean air, food security, and ultimately our climate resilience.

Today’s announcement by Governor Newsom elevates the importance of stewardship of our lands to secure our future. We cannot address the state’s profound wildfire risks without addressing the conservation and management of our forests, grasslands, and farmlands.  Nor can we address our pandemic-induced recession without addressing the resilience of California’s food and farming systems.

CalCAN welcomes the Governor’s focus on climate solutions for agriculture and our natural resources at large. We have the opportunity with this work to provide the resources needed for the most vulnerable among us to address climate resilience and economic recovery. We look forward to working with Governor Newsom to identify funding to scale up this work in ways that support the viability of farmers, our communities, and our environment.

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