October 26 & 27, 2021 • Fresno area

This  two-day participatory gathering explored creative ways that San Joaquin Valley farmers, ranchers and agricultural communities can bounce back, adapt and thrive in the face of drought, worsening air quality, and other accelerating effects of climate change. Participants engaged in active dialogue with other farmers, researchers, technical assistance providers and advocates on a range of issues including water resources, land use, climate smart agriculture, farmworker health and safety, soil fertility, and more.

Interpretación en español disponible. Spanish language interpretation available.
Hosted by the California Climate and Agriculture Network (CalCAN), a statewide coalition of sustainable and organic agriculture organizations that advances climate and agriculture policies.

Schedule Outline

Day One: Farm Tours

Visit three farms in the Easton/Parlier area representing a spectrum of Central Valley crops, sizes and practices to see and hear firsthand from farmers about their perspectives on the climate risks they face and what backup plans they are making, and talk about what resources, incentives and support they need to adapt and thrive. 

Rock R Farms (Conventional dairy: Manure composting; conservation tillage)

Gianina & Teng Thaoxaochay (Direct market specialty crops: water conservation, compost, cover crops)

Cardoza & Cardoza (Organic raisin grapes: Soil health, organic pest management) 

Day Two: Panels & Roundtable Discussions (Kearney Research Station)

Day Two built on what was learned and discussed at the farms , as well as the input of several speakers who shared their perspectives on the climate-related challenges facing the San Joaquin Valley and their vision for the future. Most of the day was spent in small breakout groups discussing strategies for adapting and managing the challenges as well as discussing what resources are needed. 


Report back from farm tours

Opening Panel: Climate-Related Challenges & Opportunities Facing the San Joaquin Valley
Speakers: Amelíe Gaudin, UC Davis • Christine Gemperle, Gemperle Orchards • Steve Fukagawa, Fukagawa Farm • Nayamin Martinez, Central California Environmental Justice Network

Breakout discussions

Tour Kearney Station

Discussion Groups

Closing Panel: Policy Tools for Meeting 21st Century Needs in the SJ Valley
Speakers: Kassandra Hishida, Community Alliance for Agroecology • Tim Bowles, UC Berkeley • Houston Wilson, UC Riverside / UC Organic Ag Institute / Kearney Ag Center • Charles Delgado, Sustainable Conservation • Ruth Dahlquist-Willard, UC ANR Small Farms Program • Brian Shobe, CalCAN

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