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Bill History

CalCAN’s Bill History CalCAN sponsored or played a lead role in the following bills that passed and were signed into law: SB 489, Renewable Energy Equity Act (2011) — Authored by Senator Lois Wolk, the bill expanded the state’s Net

Healthy Soils is a Passion, Says Governor Newsom

Governor Releases January Budget Proposal On Monday, January 7th, Gavin Newsom was sworn into office as California’s 40th Governor.  And as required by the state’s constitution, Governor Newsom released his proposed budget just a few days later on January 10th.

Healthy Soils Program

The Healthy Soils Program offers producers incentives to adopt GHG-reducing soil health practices. The program also funds on-farm demonstration projects. Healthy soils store carbon and improve crop yields, drought and flood tolerance, and air and water quality. CalCAN and our partners

Highlights of CalCAN’s Advocacy on Farmland Conservation

2018 — Approved by voters in June 2018, Proposition 68 is a state parks and natural resources bond that includes $20 million in funding for the California Farmland Conservancy Program to permanently protect farmlands at risk of development. 2017 –

On-Farm Resilience

Farmers and ranchers grapple with the effects of climate change in their daily lives. A growing body of research points to significantly tougher challenges ahead, including: More frequent and extreme droughts and floods Unpredictable weather patterns Shifting diseases and pest

Water Stewardship

California’s farmers who produce our food are especially vulnerable to the state’s increasing water insecurity. The “precipitation whiplash” the state experienced in recent years is a phenomenon that climate scientists anticipate will increase in frequency and severity in the decades

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