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Climate Smart Agriculture Technical Assistance Program

In September of 2018, Governor Jerry Brown signed Assembly Bill 2377, a CalCAN-sponsored bill authored by Assemblymember Jacqui Irwin and supported by 36 organizations in our network. AB 2377 came about in direct response to the feedback of farmers, ranchers,

New Climate Smart Ag Technical Assistance Grants Announced

CalCAN has advocated for over a decade that with sufficient resources — including research, financial, and technical assistance — farmers can deliver unique and powerful solutions to climate change and other urgent challenges. The California Department of Food and Agriculture

Catalyzing Climate Leadership in Farmers of Color in Fresno

There is a large population of at least 900 Hmong farmers in Fresno County who produce a dizzying array of tropical and subtropical fruits and vegetables for California’s Southeast Asian population, often on very diversified and relatively small plots of

CalCAN’s History

CalCAN at 10 Years CalCAN was founded in 2009, and to mark our 10th birthday we produced a report to celebrate the accomplishments of our coalition and partner network and to document and share that history. CalCAN at 10 Years:

New UC Climate Smart Ag Team Underway Shows Results

Technical assistance for farmers and ranchers is a critical tool for scaling up the widespread adoption of climate-beneficial agricultural practices. In the fall of 2018, University of California’s Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources (UCANR) launched a collaboration with the

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