CalCAN Publications

Climate & Agriculture Policy

Full report: Climate Threats, Abundant Solutions (September 2018)
Executive Summary

Full report: Growing Solutions (January 2015)
Executive Summary

California Agriculture in a Changing Climate (September 2010)

Investing in California Agriculture’s Climate Solutions: Climate Smart Agriculture Program Fact Sheets (March 2018)

Full report: Blueprint for a California Program on Agriculture and Climate (March 2015)
Executive Summary 

Agricultural Climate Impacts & Solutions

Climate Solutions in Agriculture (January 2015)

Farming for Success in the 21st Century (2012)

Climate Benefits of Organic Agriculture (February 2011)

Climate Change Impacts on Agriculture (September 2011)

Full report: Ready…Or Not? An Assessment of California Agriculture’s Readiness for Climate Change (March 2011)
Executive Summary

Farmland Conservation

Fact Sheet: Sustainable Agricultural Lands Conservation Program (March 2018)

Opportunities for Increased Greenhouse Gas Reductions from Farmland Conservation (September 2015)

Triple Harvest: Farmland Conservation for Climate Protection, Smart Growth, and Food Security (February 2013)
Executive Summary

Healthy Soils

Fact Sheet: Healthy Soils Program (March 2018)

Livestock Methane

Fact Sheet: Alternative Manure Management Program (March 2018)

Diversified Strategies for Reducing Methane Emissions from Dairy Operations (October 2015)

Renewable Energy

On-Farm Clean Energy (Net Energy Metering Aggregation) (June 2015)

Shining Brighter: Farmer Perspectives on California’s Renewable Energy Program (NEMA Progress Report) (November 2016)

Water Stewardship

Climate Smart: Saving Water and Energy on California Farms
Recommendations for California’s State Water Efficiency & Enhancement Program (September 2018)

Fact Sheet: State Water Efficiency & Enhancement Program (March 2018)

California’s State WaterEfficiency and Enhancement Program (SWEEP): A Progress Report on Rounds 1-4 (May & August 2016)

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