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Climate & Agriculture Policy

Investing in California Agriculture’s Climate Solutions: Climate Smart Agriculture Program Fact Sheets (Jan. 2020)

Full report: Climate Threats, Abundant Solutions (Sept. 2018)
Executive Summary

Full report: Growing Solutions (Jan. 2015)
Executive Summary

California Agriculture in a Changing Climate (Sept. 2010)

Full report: Blueprint for a California Program on Agriculture and Climate (Mar. 2015)
Executive Summary 

Agricultural Climate Impacts & Solutions

Cultivating Climate Resilience in Farming: Ensuring California Farms & Ranches Thrive in the Face of Climate Change (August 2019)

Climate Change Solutions in California Agriculture (Jan. 2019)

Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education in the 21st Century: Recommendations for UC SAREP (January 2018)

Farming for Success in the 21st Century (2012)

Climate Benefits of Organic Agriculture (Feb. 2011)
Citations List

Full report: Ready…Or Not? An Assessment of California Agriculture’s Readiness for Climate Change (Mar. 2011)
Executive Summary

Farmland Conservation

Fact Sheet: Sustainable Agricultural Lands Conservation Program (Jan. 2020)

Opportunities for Increased Greenhouse Gas Reductions from Farmland Conservation (Sept. 2015)

Triple Harvest: Farmland Conservation for Climate Protection, Smart Growth, and Food Security (Feb. 2013)
Executive Summary

Healthy Soils

Fact Sheet: Healthy Soils Program (Jan. 2020)

Livestock Methane

Fact Sheet: Alternative Manure Management Program (Jan. 2020)

Diversified Strategies for Reducing Methane Emissions from Dairy Operations (Oct. 2015)

Renewable Energy

On-Farm Clean Energy (Net Energy Metering Aggregation) (June 2015)

Shining Brighter: Farmer Perspectives on California’s Renewable Energy Program (NEMA Progress Report) (Nov. 2016)

Water Stewardship

Fact Sheet: State Water Efficiency & Enhancement Program (Jan. 2020)

Climate Smart: Saving Water and Energy on California Farms
Recommendations for California’s State Water Efficiency & Enhancement Program (Sept. 2018)

California’s State Water Efficiency and Enhancement Program (SWEEP): A Progress Report on Rounds 1-4 (May & Aug. 2016)

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