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On-Farm Resilience

Farmers and ranchers grapple with the effects of climate change in their daily lives. A growing body of research points to significantly tougher challenges ahead, including: More frequent and extreme droughts and floods Unpredictable weather patterns Shifting diseases and pest

Livestock Methane

The methane emissions from California dairy industry can be reduced with alternative manure management practices. California is home to the country’s largest dairy industry, with 1,400 dairies and nearly 1.8 million cows. Half of the state’s agricultural emissions come from livestock in

California Dairies Tackle Methane Emissions

Alternative Manure Management Projects Funded Forty new dairies will receive a total of $21.6 million in Alternative Manure Management Program (AMMP) grant awards, recently announced by the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA). This was the second round of

Agriculture, Climate Change & the Next California Governor

Farmers & Agriculture Experts Tell New California Governor It’s Time to Scale Up Climate Smart Agriculture In a new report released today, farmer leaders and agriculture experts call on the next Governor of California to embrace sustainable agricultural solutions to climate change.


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In the News

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Farmer Climate Leaders

Here are some stories of some of California’s most innovative farmers and ranchers using climate-friendly practices that reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and sequester carbon. These practices often also provide other health and environmental benefits such as water conservation, improved

Advisors & Partners

CalCAN’s success is dependent on our strong, collaborative coalition. We rely on a diverse network of growers, agriculture professionals, researchers, agricultural and environmental advocates and other stakeholders who serve as advisors, spokespeople and models to inform and advance our policy

Final Budget Deal Restores Funding for Healthy Soils, SWEEP

One of CalCAN’s top priorities for the year was to restore funding to the Healthy Soils Program and the State Water Efficiency and Enhancement Program (SWEEP), two Climate Smart Agriculture programs that had their budgets eliminated last year. We succeeded,

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