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Climate Threats to Agriculture

California farmers and ranchers are on the front lines of climate change. California is home to the largest and most diverse agricultural industry in the country. On over 76,000 farms and ranches, California agriculture is the leading producer of the

Policy can unleash agriculture’s climate solutions

Agriculture’s climate solutions are essential for reaching California’s climate goals. California is a global trailblazer on climate policy with its ambitious climate change law. The CalCAN coalition has engaged as an advocate for sustainable and organic agriculture on all of

Climate Smart Agriculture

The State of California has four Climate Smart Agriculture programs that provide resources for California farmers and ranchers to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and store carbon in soils and trees, while providing multiple benefits to agriculture and the environment. CalCAN

Media Coverage

The following recent media have covered the work of CalCAN and its advisors and partners. Will Indigo Ag’s New Private Carbon Market Pay Off for Farmers? Written by CalCAN Policy Director Jeanne Merrill. Civil Eats, July 11, 2019 ‘Centers of Insurrection’:

Press Releases

California Falls Short on Climate Smart Farming Investments June 13, 2019 Record High Numbers of Dairy Producers Seek Funds for Methane Reduction May 7, 2019 New Legislation Aims to Help Prepare Farmers for Extreme Weather, Changing Climate CalCAN sponsors Ag

Alternative Manure Management Program (AMMP)

The first program of its kind, AMMP provides grants of up to $750,000 for implementation of non-digester dairy manure management strategies that reduce methane emissions. Specific eligible practices include composting, dry scrape, advanced solids separation, and conversion to or expansion

Agriculture Spotlights at the Global Climate Action Summit

Last week, four thousand delegates from California and around the world gathered in San Francisco for the Global Climate Action Summit, hosted by Governor Jerry Brown. CalCAN staff joined the delegation where we listened to international experts, presidents of island

Read Their Stories

California is home to innovative farmers and ranchers using climate-friendly practices that reduce on-farm greenhouse gas emissions, sequester carbon and have other health and environmental benefits. Click on each farm below to read their stories. *Denotes that a farmer or

On-Farm Resilience

Farmers and ranchers grapple with the effects of climate change in their daily lives. A growing body of research points to significantly tougher challenges ahead, including: More frequent and extreme droughts and floods Unpredictable weather patterns Shifting diseases and pest

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