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Final Cap-and-Trade Budget Includes Climate-Friendly Farming

After months of speculation and debate, Governor Brown and California’s legislature have agreed on how to allocate a total of $872 million in cap-and-trade auction proceeds as part of the state’s FY 2014-15 budget package. We are pleased to report

Budget Surplus, Climate Action Deficit

On May 14th, Governor Jerry Brown released the latest version of his 2013/14 budget, which will now be debated and revised by the legislature in anticipation of their June 15th deadline for approving it. The budget was much anticipated by

Technical Assistance

Technical assistance is necessary for many farmers and ranchers interested in adopting new practices. Technical assistance (TA) providers help producers understand and apply the latest science and best practices, facilitate farmer-to-farmer learning, lead on-farm research and demonstration projects, and assist

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