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February 2019

  • CalCAN Sponsors Bill for Ag Adaptation to Climate Change
  • CalCAN Summit Coming Up: New Tickets Available
  • CDFA Climate Smart Ag Grant Applications Due Soon
  • California Invests Millions in Ag Carbon Sink Research
  • Climate Leader Spotlight: Robles Farm, Magneson Dairy & First Generation Farmers
  • Wild Farm Alliance Publication: Bird Management
  • The Farm Bill: A Citizen’s Guide

January 2019

  • Governor Newsom’s Budget: Climate & Agriculture
  • CalCAN Summit Tickets: Earlybird Ends Jan 21st
  • 2018 In Review & How You Can Make an Impact in 2019
  • CDFA Climate Smart Agriculture Grant Applications Open
  • In The News: Silvopasture & Climate Change
  • New Film: Living Soil

December 2018

  • Celebrating 10 Years of CalCAN
  • CalCAN Summit Tickets On Sale
  • CDFA Climate Smart Ag Grant Applications Open Soon
  • Lessons Learned: Climate Impacts on California Ag
  • Farm Bill Delivers Victories, Concerns Remain
  • Is American Ag Prepared for Climate Change?
  • Organic Practices for Climate Mitigation & Adaptation
  • Sustainable Winegrowing Leadership Awards

November 2018

  • Healthy Soils & SWEEP Grant Applications
  • CalCAN Seeking Intern
  • New CA Climate Plan
  • 2018 Midterm Election Debrief

October 2018

  • CalCAN Bill Signed Into Law
  • Davis Town Hall Meeting
  • CalCAN Quotes in Civil Eats Article
  • Life Without a Farm Bill

September 2018

  • New Governor Recommendations
  • CalCAN Bill Passes
  • Agriculture & the Global Climate Action Summit
  • SWEEP Policy Brief
  • New Healthy Soils: Program Guidelines
  • Dairies Tackle Methane Emissions
  • Climate Leader Spotlight: McClelland Dairy
  • CalCAN Events

August 2018

  • CalCAN Summit: Call for Proposals
  • CDFA Seeking Feedback on SWEEP, Healthy Soils Programs
  • Technical Assistance Grants for Climate Smart Ag Programs
  • Strategizing for Healthy Soils Across the Nation
  • Climate Leader Spotlight: California Rangeland Trust
  • New Ag Fuel Efficiency Funding
  • New Research: GHG Mitigation in CA Specialty Crops
  • Assessing Biodiversity for Climate Resilience


July 2018

  • Final Budget Deal Restores Funding for Healthy Soils & SWEEP
  • CalCAN Summit: Call for Proposals
  • New CalCAN Staff: Welcome Lauren!
  • Healthy Soils Program: Lessons Learned, New Guidelines Soon
  • Climate Leader Spotlight: Ag Land Trust
  • Addressing Climate Change with Natural & Working Lands
  • Farm Bill Update
  • Carbon Farming Media Series

June 2018

  • Cap-and-trade Budget Decision Delayed
  • CalCAN Technical Assistance Bill Advances
  • Farmer Climate Leaders: New Stories
  • Climate & Ag in Primary Election
  • New Interviews: Successes, Opportunities for Dairy Methane
  • UC Research Highlights Climate Benefits of Soil Health & Organic Management
  • Cultivating Climate Resilience on Farms & Ranches

May 2018

  • Action Alert: Call your legislator
  • Farmers Showcase Climate Smart Ag Policies in Action
  • SWEEP Farmers Cut Water & Energy By 20%; House Farm Bill Defeated
  • New Research & Reports
  • Farmer Equity Act Update
  • State Organic Program Advisory Committee Vacancies

April 2018

  • CalCAN-Sponsored Technical Assistance Bill Advances
  • Climate Smart Ag Grants: Application Periods Open
  • Farmers Build Drought Resilience with Climate Investments
  • House Farm Bill Fails Family Farmers
  • Leadership Spotlight: NSAC’s Ferd Hoefner
  • Newest Research and Reports
  • New Hedgerow Resource Guide

March 2018

  • Action Alert: Support Ag’s Climate Solutions
  • Legislators Urge Funding for Climate Smart Ag Programs
  • CalCAN is Hiring
  • Climate Smart Ag Grant Deadlines
  • New Proposed Healthy Soils Practices
  • Farmers & Ranchers Visit Capitol
  • Climate Smart Ag in Action
  • New Study: Ag NOx Pollution

February 2018

  • New CalCAN-Sponsored Bill: Technical Assistance for Climate Smart Farmers
  • Governor’s Budget Falls Short for Agriculture; Newest Awards for Dairy Methane Reduction
  • CalCAN Coalition Member Honored for Policy Leadership
  • Racial Equity in the Farm Bill
  • Nutrient Tracking Tool to Assess Water Quality
  • Video: Soil Health Indicators

January 2018

  • Survey, Note: Next CalCAN Summit in 2019
  • Newest Farmland Conservation Awards
  • Farmer Climate Leader: High Ground Organics
  • Generating Clean Energy on Farms
  • New Publication: “Building Healthy Pasture Soils”
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